Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Facts About Texas

The Lone Star State. That is the term used when referring to the state of Texas. Aside from being known as a big state because of its size, making it the second largest state in the entire United States, what other things do you known about Texas?

• Do you know that the state of Texas had six different national flags flown over its territory before? That is true for Texas was once governed by six different countries - France, Mexico, Spain, The Republic of Texas, The Confederate States, and the United States of America.

• Texas finally became part of the United States as a part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, a treaty between the US and Mexico that ended the Mexican-American war. It was in 1936 that Texas gained its independence from Mexico.

• The state of Texas had also changed its capital city for seven times. Its previous capital cities were Columbia, Velasco, Galveston, Washington-on-the-Brazos, Houston, and Harrisburg. In 1839, Austin was declared the state capital of Texas and has been the capital of said state until now.

• Austin's capital building was built in 1888 by using Sunset Red granite and its foundation is limestone. The building has the largest square footage than any other state capital building in the US.

• When it comes to sports, Texas has the most number of professional sports teams in the whole of US. This includes two teams for National Football League, two teams for Major League Baseball, three teams for National Basketball Association, and one team for National Hockey League team.

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